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2023 KCPE Celebrations

Our schools reputation of good performance in the nationals exams was echoed by our 2023 students attracting recognition from the media. Our top student Joseph Kipsang scored 423 marks

Junior Secondary School

Our junior secondary school is where students lay the groundwork for their future, and we take pride in helping them learn, grow and thrive during this crucial stage of their education

Sports and Talents

Our schools sports facilities are a testament to our commitment to holistic education. Our focus on sports promotes physical fitness and also fosters leadership skills, teamwork and discipline.

Why Choose Us

St Peters Elite School Gilgil has been in existence for over two decades and is a leading institution in the education industry. We are inspired and motivated by our school motto rising to excellence.

With a highly competent experienced dynamic and motivated teachers who provide professional leadership to the learners. The school has always realized is goals and target.

The learning environment is very conducive. The school boarding facility is efficient hence the learners feel at home away from home. The school ensures that the learners are catered for in all aspects i.e. spiritually, socially, morally, academically, physically and mentally.

-we have a mosque for the Muslims and the school maalim

-Catholics are served by the priest who comes to offer mass. We also have a catechist who offers catechism

– The SDA are also allowed to fellowship on Saturdays. We are part of Gilgil central SDA. Protestants are catered for on Sundays by the school priest.

It gives the catholic pupils a chance to exercise their faith. We are part of Gilgil Catholic Parish

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Motivated Pupils

We highly recognize and motivate pupils for best performance in academics, sports and other non-curricular activities for talents promotion

Professional Staff

We boost of highly qualified, dedicated, passionate and well motivated teaching and non-teaching staffs who play a key role in pupils development

Kids Corner

Our pupils have continuosly excelled in various sport activities. We have a full fledged department with a HOD to help nurture pupils talents.

Boarding Facilities

The boarding facilities at our school provide a safe and nurturing environment for our students, fostering a sense of personal and community growth.

Teaching Material

We have well stocked library and fully equiped computer lab for supporting our pupils..

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Mrs. Linet Yugi


“Your mental picture determines your actual picture ” The key principle of leadership is vision and passion. Passion will always propel you to realise your vision. Just like a driver, a leader should have the third eye, that’s the mind eye which should be brighter than a star. The eye in my leadership is what propels our school to be the leading in the county. Proverbs 29:18

Mr. Harun Thuo

Deputy Principal

This involve the non-teaching staff like matron, nurse, catering team. He also leads pupils talent promotion